Executives and professionals in law, non-profit and education who seek support to:

  • Increase their impact as leaders.
  • Create new results.
  • Envision beyond success.
  • Transition with awareness.

If you have the courage to make a change or to explore undiscovered opportunities, we invite you to join us in a coaching alliance that will help get you there.

If you are interested in working on your own growth and development from an appreciative and inquisitive stance, then our Gestalt training and perspective is a good match.

Mentored and supported by a long line of women who lead, we are committed to serving and supporting your success and to enlivening each woman's unique sense of leadership in her personal and professional life.


Our coaching practice supports the work of executives and professionals in:

  • Leadership development.
  • Professional and personal transitions.
  • Strategic and long-range planning initiatives.

Our coaching practice is informed by current research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence. We incorporate physical and somatic techniques to enhance client growth and impact.

Whatever the setting or client needs, we embolden the heart and mind connection so that clients work from and towards meaningful goals generated from a deepened awareness of their unique power and presence.

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